A choral history of music

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Fabulous and often hilarious condensation of a considerable chunk of the history of music in under ten minutes. Thanks to Ms Kinsella for the link. YouTube – The King’s Singers – Masterpiece.

Westminster Hall

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Funny watching Obama tour the palace of Westminster. I was privileged enough to tour it several times a year for four years, and it never got stale. Yes, it’s an absurd gothic pile, but the history it represents is just gobsmacking. And standing under beams from the 15th century is pretty extraordinary. The place does change the feeling of debate …

Unwatchable sweaty palm stuff

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Climber Alex Honnold is an interesting article and interview with the world’s premier free solo big wall climber. Translated: he climbs big, big pitches with no ropes. Including Half Dome in Yosemite. It’s nearly unwatchable in places. And make sure your palms don’t drip on anything electrical and / or valuable.