Chinese Is Not a Backward Language

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Valid rant about the mistaken idea that Chinese is somehow behind other (Western) languages. I got affected by a lot of these memes before I moved here. Even in the age of China’s social media boom, with billion-dollar valuations for Beijing-based IT start-ups, prejudice against the Chinese language is alive and well. Source: Chinese Is Not a Backward Language

China now and then

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You’ll hear plenty more about Jing-Jin-Ji, I’m sure. [linking] Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei into [a] city the size of Uruguay and as populous as Japan As usual, China has incredibly aggressive plans for its own development. Few nations come close to expressing this kind of strategy let alone execute it. Some interesting photos from a collection taken in the 70s in …

No democracy here

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Extraordinary voting result. Why did only eight pro-Beijing-plan lawmakers vote Yes? Worried about their future from both directions?     [update] the answer from Reddit. Bill is taken to vote because nobody requested to speak Pro-gov’t camp want to wait for Lau Wong Fat before voting proceed. Their strategy is based on the rule that at least 35 members have to be …