Shirky on the end of printed newspapers

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Must read for any print journalists and for any ad-supported business. Ad money moves around, often catastrophically. Try to imagine a world where the future of print is unclear: Maybe 25 year olds will start demanding news from yesterday, delivered in an unshareable format once a day. The chart is instructive. Link:

Advertising is a casino business

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Fascinating paper, well worth reading in depth. The summary is that it is pretty well impossible for most companies to run an effective experiment to test whether advertising spend works or not. Classical theories of the firm assume access to reliable signals to measure the causal impact of choice variables on profit. For advertising expenditure we show, using twenty-five online field …

Israeli desalination

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Some amazing stats on water use in Israel following the worst rainfall in years. This is massive. 30% of potable water from desalination rising to 40% in 2015 90% of waste water recycled for agricultural use Max $500 each year for a family’s needs for desalinated drinking water

Augmented audio reality

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Great article on the possible explosion in the use of voice as input / output for computers. The privacy of your computer whispering audio cards in your ear can clearly work, although I'm certainly not good at multitasking e.g. listening to a conversation as well as the TV. Will it be more distracting than checking emails on your mobile? Ask …

Getty image embedding

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Sensible move from Getty: acknowledging that its images are available without watermark across the internet and owning the source and to some extent usage of them. Slightly fiddly to find the embeddable images (use search within this search) but once you are there it works fine. See below for an example. The world’s largest photo service just made its pictures free to …

The shift in news

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Think about that. A news app, a piece of software about the news made by in-house developers, generated more clicks than any article. And it did this in a tiny amount of time: The app only came out on December 21, 2013. That means that in the 11 days it was online in 2013, it generated more visits than any …

Occupy debt forgiveness

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Looks like we underestimated Occupy. Buying debt for pennies and forgiving it seems like a great idea. Not sure whether it cuts at the heart of capitalism, but it is a large scale version of suspended coffees.