Amazon and the “profitless business model” fallacy

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Great article discussing Amazon’s clearly-stated business model, why its profitability is both controlled and a long way off. If I were an Amazon competitor, Id actually regard Amazon’s current run of quarterly losses as a terrifying signal. It means Amazon is arming itself to take the contest to higher ground. The retail game is about to become more, not less, …

Chomksy on the failings of democracy

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Wow. There is a lot to digest in this must-read transcript of a talk given by Chomsky in Europe. I like the idea of the “really existing” version of an abstract ideal to help us focus on what is actually happening in the world rather than being distracted by semantics and definitions. I’d like to discuss a different system – …

Internet activity bias wrecks impact analysis

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Fascinating article from Jakob Nielsen highlighting a real problem for measuring the effect of marketing on internet usage. An experiment on whether users were more or less likely to visit Yahoo having seen a promotional video showed the following: the thick blue line shows a 144% increase in likelihood of visits to Yahoo on the day of the video and …

Buffett on pension fund managers in 1975

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I hope I have even 5% of his wisdom when I hit 44. Don’t mind on what subject, but something would be nice. “If above-average performance is to be their yard stick, the vast majority of investment managers must fail. Will a few succeed — due to either to chance or skill? Of course. For some intermediate period of years …

Holacracy: a different vision of management

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I’m always interested in new ways of managing companies, and Holacracy looks like a good one. My summary: distributed decision making with purposeful discussions of issues. Saw a review of Medium’s use of the practice and will need to investigate further, as I didn’t get much out of the plain English constitution. 

The increasing impotence of the nation state

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Silly news from Canada (you can’t wear masks at protests) in the midst of some terrible flooding. Canada Makes the Automation of Tyranny Easier – Global Guerrillas. I found the thoughts on the increasing impotence of the nation state interesting and I wonder if HK and Singapore are good exemplars of how society could work? Also: does the hukou system create a …