Not quite bicycles

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This is great. Ask people at random to sketch a men’s bicycle. Realise that most people can’t and make serious renderings of the results.   

Man up

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Thanks Vancouver, you were beautiful and efficient. But clearly I was not butch enough for you. That is some ride down to Seattle.    Now let’s hope for an easy border crossing.   

I could care less

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  This is excellent too. I’m a stickler for e.g. My count and mass nouns, but they do relate directly to the world and our interaction with it. On the could care less issue: I’m not sure I care.  

Lexus hoverboard

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Properly brilliant waste of a year+ and loads of money to get a hoverboard going. Insane. Worth watching the behind the scenes video as well. Some track trickery, but nothing that couldn’t be made to work in real life.