Opera frequencies 

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I had never seen a view of opera scheduling across seasons like this. Fascinating how often the ABC+T get performed.    My assumption is that ROH and Glyndebourne would be more varied, but that’s just gut feel.

Year of the goat

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It seems pretty clear it's the goat coming up. tl;dr the goat was the rare rich / aristo dish so higher class than the other horned pointy face animals. Landmark begs to differ in a splendidly kitsch way.    

Gun control

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This. Thanks @robdelaney. If your response to calls for gun control is “Should we get rid of cars too?” the answer is, for you, yes. You should not have a gun or car.  

Hong Kong remembers

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Wow, biblical weather for the VIIV vigil. I don't remember the wide view, and like the Angry Birds edition from Hexie Farm. Thanks to Paul Yu for the lightning and Apple Daily for the rain.