Augmented audio reality

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Great article on the possible explosion in the use of voice as input / output for computers. The privacy of your computer whispering audio cards in your ear can clearly work, although I'm certainly not good at multitasking e.g. listening to a conversation as well as the TV. Will it be more distracting than checking emails on your mobile? Ask …

Biggest crossword ever?

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Brilliant. And scary: your password was just cracked. Get Lastpass and change your passwords. It's now about how unusual your password is rather than how strong. Are 20-digit passwords close to GUIDs? Link:

Superhot – great FPS idea

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Sort of the opposite of Max Payne: time only flows when you are moving, so if you stop you can plan your next shots and dodge bullets. Very nice idea, assuming they expand it beyond shooting. The link allows you to play a few introductory levels in your browser. Link:

Internet activity bias wrecks impact analysis

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Fascinating article from Jakob Nielsen highlighting a real problem for measuring the effect of marketing on internet usage. An experiment on whether users were more or less likely to visit Yahoo having seen a promotional video showed the following: the thick blue line shows a 144% increase in likelihood of visits to Yahoo on the day of the video and …

The Bay Area in 4K

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Wow. I thought that 4K (improved HD TV standard) was most likely a marketing ploy to sell TVs. I’ve changed my mind. This footage is incredible on my non-retina (but 1920×1080) laptop display. It should be extraordinary on a big TV. Find the biggest bestest computer screen you have and enjoy. Teton Gravity Research Aerial Reel – The Bay Area …

Sterling at SXSW

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A quite marvellous speech to close SXSW. Worth reading, even if you don’t get the geek humour bits. If more computation, and more networking, was going to make the world prosperous, we’d be living in a prosperous world. And we’re not. Obviously we’re living in a Depression.

Bitcoins: a bubble?

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I like the idea of bitcoin, but I have to agree that it feels crazily bubbly. Also, no sensible government would let a uncontrolled currency loose on the world. The Bitcoin bubble, at $1 billion, is tiny compared to those that burst in 2000 and 2008. Nevertheless, because Bitcoins are the most demonstrably valueless financial asset ever created, they represent …

Hijacking airplanes with a phone

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Crikey, I’m glad Wiffy was in the air before I read this. No wonder plane manufacturers are so dodgy about wireless devices, and I’m glad they are. Summary: you can misuse some on-plane systems to install an attack framework and then, so long as AutoPilot is on, use an Android app (PlaneSploit) to control many critical aspects of the plane. …