Thought vectors

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More excellent mind-blowing thinking today. Google is taking the technology that it used to generate Google Translate (which doesn’t really understand languages) and applying it to thoughts. “If you take the vector for Paris and subtract the vector for France and add Italy, you get Rome,” he said. “It’s quite remarkable.” Source: Google Is Working On A New Algorithm – …

Threat models

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This is hilarious and so true. Security types read and learn. Basically, you’re either dealing with Mossad or not-Mossad. If your adversary is not-Mossad, then you’ll probably be fine if you pick a good password and don’t respond to emails from If your adversary is the Mossad, YOU’RE GONNA DIE AND THERE’S NOTHING THAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. …

That Watch

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The Causeway Bay Apple store has two floors selling watches. Apple clearly thinks it has a winner. I enjoyed leaving it as a jellyfish watch face. Clever linked iPad which explains what’s going on and how to navigate. I can see why there is a learning curve: there’s no consistent back or home gesture. Things behave differently in different apps …

Disney’s wearable

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Great look inside a controlled sandbox of the context- and location-aware internet of things. Can this scale to all of us everywhere? I think its within our capabilities, but it won’t be simple. Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband | WIRED.

OnePlus invites

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Hi there, if you are looking for a new phone you could do worse than the OnePlus One. They are invite only and I have some invites to give out. Let me know if you would like one.

Carrier agnostic SIM cards

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This is a massive announcement by Apple. Here’s why. Imagine being able to set up a competitive data roaming contract wherever you are with no need for a new SIM. Let’s hope others will follow.


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Damn, this will do well. Petcube – Interactive wireless pet camera. Smart monitor for your cat or dog.