Obesity is incurable

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Wow. One of those rare change your opinion reads (for me, of course, YMMV). A must read and the devastating summary I’d select is this:

…the terrible truth is that, except through surgery, for the great majority of sufferers, obesity is an incurable disease.

This won’t be the case for ever, but really does seem that it is true for now.

NB obesity is BMI 30+: lower than that and you’re curable.

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  1. Katherine J. Kaye

    And, speaking as a parent, as well as a human being subject to temptations, it is incredibly hard to avoid the obesogenic foods and advertising. I cook most of our meals from scratch but I can’t stop anyone from stopping at a shop on the way home from work or school to buy something to push past the hungry hour.

  2. Tom Raggett
  3. Katherine J. Kaye

    I read that, Tom. As the kiddo gets taller, and we all negotiate the glamorising of top shelf items, much as I like his suggestions in general, I hae ma doots about the efficacy of that one!

  4. Michelle Kirby
  5. Moray McConnachie

    Wow indeed. The passage that shocked me was that having been obese I need to consume 300 fewer calories daily than someone who has never been obese in order not to return to obesity. This explains in part why it is so hard to lose further weight, despite considerable effort.

  6. Tom Raggett

    Yes, exactly. Totally changes my perception of weight and how to deal with it. Also, we are required to eat to survive – pace Soylent – so it is even more insidious a problem.

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