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Extraordinary voting result. Why did only eight pro-Beijing-plan lawmakers vote Yes? Worried about their future from both directions?


[update] the answer from Reddit.

  1. Bill is taken to vote because nobody requested to speak
  2. Pro-gov’t camp want to wait for Lau Wong Fat before voting proceed. Their strategy is based on the rule that at least 35 members have to be in the hall before a bill can be put to a vote. If not enough members are present, the chairman will have to put up a PA bell to ask for members to return to the hall. If there still is not enough people in 15 minutes, the meeting will be adjourned. Pro-gov’t camp want to take this 15 min so that Lau can return to the LegCo.
  3. Pro-gov’t camp members proceed to leave the hall, but apparently due to ‘communication error’, 8 members didn’t get the memo, so 28 pan-dem + 8 pro-gov’t are still in the hall.
  4. 36>35, so voting proceed with 28 against and 8 for. The bill is vetoed.

What a splendid irony. Gaming a voting system fails  to introduce a gamed voting system.

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  1. David Hughes
  2. Tom Raggett
  3. Scott McKay

    Looks very much like a stunt to me. At the very least, this means they once again can ask for the rules to be bent in their favor with a revote, while still having the original record of the democrats being “enemies of China”. If the democrats put up a fight about following the rules, then the DAB can accuse them of hypocrisy for supporting Occupy, throwing bananas, cups of water, etc.

  4. Tom Raggett

    Could be. I wonder if not voting yes (which is counted in the system as an implicit no) is a worse position for a pro-Beijinger than voting no. All eyes on upcoming elections for those eight ayes.

  5. Scott McKay
  6. David Hughes
  7. Scott McKay

    The China Liaison Office is already condemning the historical responsibility of the democrats, but making no mention of the pro-establishment walkout.

  8. Scott McKay

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