Farmville, games and changing the world

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Lots to digest on computer games at the moment. Some factoids to peruse There are more players playing Farmville on Facebook (not me, not yet, anyhow) than there are active on Twitter. Active online gamers have put in 10,000 hours of play by the time they are 21. This is of the same order as they have spent in school …

Quantum mechanics times two

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Nice skit with Sarah Palin discussing quantum mechanics: the idea of creating quick movies with avatars reading your text is neat. More seriously, here are some serious thoughts on the LHC: They had magnets worth more than some countries’ GDP (over $1bn) hanging around in the parking lot They used a pimped up ping pong ball to clean the tube

Feudal search

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Long and challenging article on a potential future for search: where reputation part of bringing information to our attention is community-determined. I have a hunch that there should be some connection between the VRM idea of users releasing certain information about themselves and the idea of community generated reputations.


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Interesting to see a Twitter-alike grow so rapidly in Japan. I guess Google (with China) and Twitter haven’t destroyed competition completely.


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Appcelerator sounds an interesting prospect for developing multi-platform (desktop and mobile) native apps using web technologies. It is open source, which makes it attractive. Now to work out a) their business model and b) their competitors.

eLancing research

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Interesting experiment to find the first posts of eighty blogs using different outsourced options. It’s a lot cheaper than I could do it myself, and pretty quick (the experiment if run once would have cost $50-60 and taken two hours with fact checking built in). Well worth considering for relevant situations.

Less now in the internet

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I hope Gelernter is right and we are in a relatively short phase of the developing internet where we care most about the now and less about the accretion of knowledge in our and others’ past. So in the future we might look at the stream of things that people have done, rather than their updates today (right now this …