I could care less

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  This is excellent too. I’m a stickler for e.g. My count and mass nouns, but they do relate directly to the world and our interaction with it. On the could care less issue: I’m not sure I care.  

Obesity is incurable

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Wow. One of those rare change your opinion reads (for me, of course, YMMV). A must read and the devastating summary I’d select is this: …the terrible truth is that, except through surgery, for the great majority of sufferers, obesity is an incurable disease. This won’t be the case for ever, but really does seem that it is true for now. …

Wouldn’t have mattered

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Jermey Corbyn (a good local MP) was reelected in Islington North by an increased majority, so my vote, had I been able to cast one, would not have changed the result. I’m not sure if I feel good about that or not. Looking forward to a) PR AV or some variant and b) electronic voting.