A lesson in protest

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Hong Kong protesters with their arms in the air targeted with tear gas, pepper spray, guns and batons. Riot police 100m from Caroline’s office. Well done Occupy and students for keeping calm. Not the sensible policing we would expect. I’m guessing the clearance proper will start when most people are in bed asleep. That way in which it is done …

A smoggy day in HK town

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Struggling to explain how shite the pollution is today. See that spotlight shining down in the middle of the photo? That’s the pollution it’s picking out, not fog or mist or anything else. Yuk.


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I was worried about biters and cockroaches now we have a terrace. There are some large dead exemplars of both in the runners of our sliding doors. So far, though, the most extraordinary addition to our menagerie is some frogs (or things that sound like frogs) in the undergrowth. Bentley is stalking and they have gone quiet.

Times Square and Gaudi

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The exhibitions in the public spaces in Times Square are always pretty odd but often fun and / or educational. I like Gaudi a lot, so it was lovely to see some replicas and some very clever inverted architectural models. A winner.

Wild concrete

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Great photos of the underbelly of Hong Kong. It wouldn’t take long for nature to reclaim the city. http://sploid.gizmodo.com/these-photos-of-hong-kong-are-not-post-apocalptical-ren-1525905645/1526189501/+kcampbelldollaghan