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  1. Julian Murray
  2. Tom Raggett
  3. Sue Atkinson
  4. Tom Raggett
  5. Rachel Tandy
  6. Amanda Flood

    We’ll be OK. I refuse to believe that half the country is bigoted or blind: there were good solid arguments on both sides and politics is not about emotion. We’ll find our way through.

  7. Amanda Flood

    I hope that we can leave in a way that listens to everyone and represents the narrow margin of the vote – that is, still friendly and outward-looking.

  8. Amanda Flood

    In fact I can’t see it happening any other way. We have brains and so do our politicians. Hopefully the terrible exhausting battlezone effect can wear off and the clear thinking can start ASAP.

  9. Amanda Flood

    Despair never tells the truth, dear Tom, and monsters of the mind have characterised this election. Not true. Hugs to you and anyone else feeling down x

  10. Tom Raggett
  11. Tom Raggett

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