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Jermey Corbyn (a good local MP) was reelected in Islington North by an increased majority, so my vote, had I been able to cast one, would not have changed the result. I’m not sure if I feel good about that or not.

Looking forward to a) PR AV or some variant and b) electronic voting.


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  1. Caroline Raggett
  2. Daniel Le Jehan

    Nor mine – Jeffrey Hunt increased to 60%, my vote the Raving Loonies was wasted, just bloody wasted!! 65% turn out so little improvement on 2010, all exit polls wrong, lib dems destroyed possibly terminally, SNP 50+ seats with 1.5m votes having campaigned to leave the bloody Union, UKIP 18% of popular vote, three party leaders probably resigning and five more bloody years of C3PO made of ham. Blimey.

  3. Jonathan Watson
  4. Tom Raggett
  5. Daniel Le Jehan
  6. Emilie Pavey

    Nor mine… though not for want of trying. I applied to register as an overseas voter well within the deadline and yet when the papers arrived it said i would be registered from June onwards! Not much use!

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