It’s funny how hearing it from the horse’s mouth makes allegations you were sure were factual more true. For me it also made it more shocking. Just astonishing that you can get so used to having pretty well everything work the way you want it to and control those parts that don’t. I guess we are seeing aspects of this in the Saville et al revelations in the UK.

It was a very honest interview, as far as I could tell, and well handled. It could have been very dull to hear a man to basically say “I’m sorry, I lied and I shouldn’t have” twenty plus times, but wasn’t.

The thing I absolutely hated about it was when the ad-men made it descend into two-Tweet exchanges:

  • Return from messages
  • O: When Y accused you about X, did you lie about X and seek to destroy Y?
  • L: yes I did. I’ve reached out to Y and it isn’t sorted.
  • O: do you regret coming back?
  • Please view some messages.