Congratulations to Tom for winning The Apprentice. I think the Grauniad was a little snipy.

Pellereau won, essentially, because he had the least rubbish idea, wasn’t completely objectionable and might make Sugar money. It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement – but I suppose it is progress of a sort.

I liked the Sun’s headline “Big fat geek wedding” but question whether it is of any interest to the world that Tom is engaged. I guess it may have slowed the flood of friend requests…

Great to see that pleasant, well-mannered people with great ideas can succeed in a show that has often favoured ruthless back-stabbing over skills that would really improve businesses.

Disclosure: my second computer was an Amstrad. And I know Tom.

[Update: amazing that the fake TomPellereau twitter account can get more followers than the real one. And 1/10th of Chris‘ in one day.]