I’ve been wanting to find an Android My Mobile since I got the Hero, and I’ve found Android Screen Cast that works well enough to use regularly. I’ve donated to the project.

Not entirely simple for the novice, but in summary you

  1. Download the Android sdk (this is a set of developer tools that you need)
  2. Connect your device with a USB cable and make sure you have mounted the SD card. Bring up a command prompt (Windows key->type command and hit enter on Windows 7) and then Then navigate to the directory you unzipped the sdk into (lots of cd directory_name and enter, repeat) and then down into the tools directory (cd tools) and then type adb devices. You should see that a device is listed after some text scrolls by.
  3. (you probably have Java updated, right?)
  4. Launch the application through a Java application launcher file

Bingo. So much nicer typing on the PC when you can.