Now we know… the dinosaurs still rule in pop. Aged performers write songs instead. 5:13:26 PM
Dan Bricklin on why the Segway might be disruptive after all. 5:05:09 PM
Design not found. Good look at items that make sites usable or not. 4:12:36 PM
Choosing the right methods for HCI research. 4:11:01 PM
Clipboard spell checking anywhere. 4:03:48 PM
Apparently this is how we design. (flagged as malware: Very squishy – not a strat consultancy type model. 3:58:15 PM
Microsoft’s own Windows XP How-Tos . 2:33:36 PM
Lego screening studio. Brilliant. 1:13:57 PM
Useful freeware screen capture utility. 1:05:11 PM 12:56:06 PM