Smart agents — web

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Smart agents — web crawling agents as opposed to stored preferences ina database — have three things going against them:

  • Agents’ performance degrades with network growth
  • Agents ask people to do what machines are good at (waiting) and machines to do what people are good at (thinking).
  • Agents make the market for information less efficient rather than more

New job, but ETP

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New job, but ETP still works. Amazing stuff.

Sadly, being behind a proper corporate firewall means that I can’t use Radio Userland or any of the more groovy functions. I guess this will have to change at some stage, but it’s going to be hard to teach people about web security, etc.

I don’t know whether I’ll get to update every day, but here’s hoping.

Now this sounds interesting (but

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Now this sounds interesting (but therefore also frightening). Some guys at MIT have invented (are inventing?) a fingerprinting technology for music. The theory is that however you munge a track, so long as humans are going to listen to it, you can uniquely identify it. Is someone doing the same for video?Class! AOL vs Eliza. Five is very good indeed.Great article looking at how the software industry fought piracy in a reasonably successful manner. Lessons for the record industry.Four little words. The whole record industry / RIAA in the US are getting way scary. These people think they own the world. The worst thing is that they probably do.

What would you choose? Final

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What would you choose? Final Meal Requests Sick but strangely fascinating.This might work as a summary of how the internet industry fits together. Internet Indicators | What are the Internet Economy Indicators?An article about uses the magic phrase below:Friends will e-mail each other, the theory goes, spreading the idea by “word of mouse” – a process known as “viral marketing”. Same idea, different model:Asera and Webridge. I like these guys because you don’t have to spend time or money writing glue to stick lots of other applications together. This is where SOAP and XML-RPC are big winners.Have a look at the dotcom gravyard in UpsideTodayWacky name, great idea. Check out MentalPhysics in this Standard article.