500 internal server errors with SSL

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I have been trying to turn on SSL on one of my websites now I have a (cheap at £14) RapidSSL certificate. The site (hosted on CentOS, CPanel, WHM) was working fine under HTTP, but when I tried to access using HTTPS I got a 500 Internal Server error. Looking at the Apache logs through my CPanel, I found the …

Awasu and Corrie

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Awasu personal edition seems a little bit of overkill for, e.g., a regular download of Corrie torrents, but it does seem to work. [NB I think that my subscription to ITV Granada in HK means this is time shifting and therefore acceptable]

Downloads and TV

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It took a software upgrade for my TV and a spare ethernet cable, but the TV is now working the way I wanted when I bought it. You can view Twitter hashtags over the programmes they refer to, but more importantly, it reads perfectly from my NAS’s media server. It will therefore make it easy for Caroline to watch Corrie …

Sonos QNap NAS access denied issue

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While setting up my music again in the new flat, I found that I couldn’t add my shared music folder using the Sonos desktop controller. I was getting an authentication error saying that access was denied to the folder. I knew I could log in with the same credentials using the PC so it had to be a NAS thing. …


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Backupify is another useful tool in the armoury. It backs up lots of online services like Twitter, Facebook and Gmail / Google Apps accounts. I’m not yet sure its worth $20 a month for me (to do what I’d need to). However, spread that over my family and friends, as I’m guessing I can, and it starts looking more reasonable.

VPNs – more time and place shifting

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So I wanted to watch the highlights of the cricket match that was on Star yesterday. With no PVR at the apartment, I wanted to see what the BBC had to say. Sadly, it said: you are not in the UK. Thankfully, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are a solution to this. You can buy a link to an endpoint that …

Intel MyWiFi – free tethering

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So, finding ourselves in a serviced apartment with only one network connection (in the bedroom!), I took it on myself to find some WiFi tethering options for my PC (given that I can do it on my phone, surely it wouldn’t be too difficult?). Well, actually it wasn’t in the end. I needed to update my Intel WiFi chipset drivers …

Alternative Mind Mapping software

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With the arrival of my MacBook Air, I can’t justify forking out another US$250 for MindManager, especially as it is one version behind the Windows one, so I’m trying some alternatives. Freeplane seems pretty good and is a re-write of Freemind, which I also like. Both Java-based so run well on Mac and PC. Both open my existing MindManager maps …

HTC Desire: wipe and install new ROM

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So, it’s time to move away from the Modaco ROMs I’ve been using for the majority of my Desire’s life to something else. I’ve read good things about Cool HD v7 and decided to make the switch. At the same time, I wanted to move from Apps2SD+ to data2ext. This requires a repartition of the SD card as well as …

Getting iPlayer shows to view offline

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So our internet connection is in the bedroom, which is a bit odd. I wanted to download a streaming programme so we could watch it over dinner. Just so I remember how to do it, having earlier found the software. get_iplayer “rugby” finds a list of programmes with rugby in the title. get_iplayer NNN –get gets the programme ID NNN …