Metro Vocal Group – Chinese a cappella

Metro Vocal Group – Chinese a cappella

Great to sing with Sean from Metro Vocal Group on the weekend: super talented and a good guy too. Respect to the group for being a rare only a cappella group to sing Canto, K-Pop and Mandarin tunes. Can’t wait for their version of Gangnam Style.

Complaints choir

Complaints Choir: The World’s Mundane Grievances Set to Song | Brain Pickings. Every town needs one. Time for Fi ‘n’ me to set one up in Hong Kong. I love the idea. Crowdsource your grievances, set them to music and then perform at a few choice...

The Bond Responses

Finally got round to listening to these: fabulous. Thanks to all who have shared the link over the last few weeks. via YouTube – The Bond Responses.

Knowledge is fractal

That’s the kind of statement you get in vanishingly few interviews these days. Good on John Lloyd and Saturday Live. A great use of the licence fee. “Knowledge is fractal: it just gets more interesting the deeper you look.”