“The Web has turned the

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“The Web has turned the world upside down and inside out. When paradox becomes paradigm, worst practices work best.” From a great article about the effect the web is having on marketing.

MacEdition : Soup Says!: “The

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MacEdition : Soup Says!: “The King decreed “To every cow its calf, to every book its copy”, and fined St. Columba 40 head of cattle for making an unauthorized copy. Here’s the deal, though: Finnean of Clonard didn’t write the psalter in question, which is a book full of psalms, he just owned it. The issue decided by Diarmit was about allowing the wealthy and powerful to control the flow of knowledge, and allowing the commoditization of information. ” Soooo. Copyright was invented along the lines that the record companies use it, not to protect ‘inventors’!. Things I never knew.The web started here. Amazing to be TBL and see that the whole world is using your view on how things should work.So now it’s clear. Paul Maritz of Microsoft says:”We don’t know precisely whether we’ll get paid for everything”. So .Net is based on them being paid for something and being so ubiquitous that they make billions.PS I’ve been on holiday for a week.

Here’s a nice distillation of what the whole .Net strategy is about… Salon.com tech | Microsoft’s .Net: Visionary or vaporware?

ICANN Launches Site for

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ICANN Launches Site for New Membership: good for geeks. One of the most important pieces of internet plumbing is the Domain Name System (DNS). It’s this that allows tankertown.editthispage.com to be translated to the numbers that computers love so much. It’s vital that the decisions about what happens to DNS are not hijacked by corporates. The ICANN’s decision is also a fascinating attempt to create a fully-distributed democracy.

This is a great article about the crazy nature of many of the new websites being thrown up every day. Boom and bust?

Here’s a simple test of the system for our PR guru. We can put links to “Datamonitor” in as well. Or link directly to the press center.

“We tell our design team,

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“We tell our design team, that when they go into a meeting with a client, they should know at least 2 reasons why they made any one design decision. If you don’t have at least 2 good reasons, then don’t try to defend that design. It’s not about preferences.” This is excellent advice.

It just keeps coming: The relational database paradigm explicitly prevents people looking for related items! Often, you go into a library and search by Dewey code. What you then want is a series of related items to browse – this is hard to do in relational databases without explicit editorial adjacency.

Interesting article from Upside that is probably the hottest link for today!

“Thus, the plaintiff (Ford)

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“Thus, the plaintiff (Ford) is prohibited from selling motor vehicles to consumers by mail, phone calls, leafleting, skywriting or drum signals, As well as on a plane, on a train, in a house, or with a mouse.”

Yet another way of looking at the exchange marketplace. Platitude of the day is that there will be two to four exchanges per sector. They don’t define which sector…

Stephen King looks set to net a pleasant $1m from his online publishing venture. Glad to see it’s working.

The customized newspaper idea is

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The customized newspaper idea is a great one, and would allow all sorts of content publishers direct access to people in a way that technology has only just made possible.

Let’s see the personalized book printing options that follow in the wake of the (easier) newspaper trend.

This is obviously a direct follow-on from yesterdays story…

Another major change: barcodes on the net coupled with mobile phones fitted with barcode readers could be enormous. One story suggestst that the deal has already been done. However, Barcoded.com isn’t going to take it sitting down!

Y2K thought: we’re unlikely to hear about any Y2K problems unless they have an effect outside an organization. As an example, we’re unlikely to hear that data mining has fallen apart for AOL, say, whereas we do hear about US government issues.

New boss (ex-Amazon) of VerticalNet

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New boss (ex-Amazon) of VerticalNet talks about the future.

Interesting discussion of how the new wireless ethernet standard (like Apple’s Airport) is taking off. Will this nuke the 3G developments? If they think of a way around congestion, then it probably will. Maybe the UK Government will have to give back the $34bn!

Amazon does it again –

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Amazon does it again – this time a patent on a collaborative recommendation service. This CNET articlehas some of the details. Firefly was doing this at least three years ago.Some information but no real answers about brain drain from market analysis firms to their covered industries or the stock market in this article on CNET.A US judge has suggested that deep linking could be equated to trespass – a danger for news aggregators.

My profile should have most

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My profile should have most of the personal information you could want, but you can check out my CV if you need more.

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