Project Emma and Parkinsons

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What an extraordinary piece of as-yet inexplicable anecdata: maybe there’s a broken feedback loop that causes the Parkinson’s tremor. Use some micro motors (thanks mobile phones) to break into the broken feedback loop and distract the brain. A happy thought.

AlphaGo and cyborg rats

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So much sci-fi coming to earth this last week. AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol and convincingly. It’s important because the game was thought to be too “big” for traditional computer strategies based on simulating playing the game forward a few rounds and seeing what happens (like chess programs often do). Go has 10^761 possible games compared to the estimated 10^120 for chess. For me the most astonishing …

Obesity is incurable

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Wow. One of those rare change your opinion reads (for me, of course, YMMV). A must read and the devastating summary I’d select is this: …the terrible truth is that, except through surgery, for the great majority of sufferers, obesity is an incurable disease. This won’t be the case for ever, but really does seem that it is true for now. …

Lexus hoverboard

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Properly brilliant waste of a year+ and loads of money to get a hoverboard going. Insane. Worth watching the behind the scenes video as well. Some track trickery, but nothing that couldn’t be made to work in real life.

5,200 days in space

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This. What an astonishing achievement and one we should continue to support and build upon. It’s a little strange when you think about it: Just about every American ninth-grader has never lived a moment without astronauts soaring overhead, living in space. But chances are, most ninth-graders don’t know the name of a single active astronaut—many don’t even know that Americans are …